How to Print Uppattern Sewing Patterns at Home in A4 sheets

There are two easy ways to print Uppattern Patterns in the actual size, in one single A0 paper at a plotter at a print shop, or in your home with any common printer in several A4 sheets. Here, we are going to teach you how to print and assemble our Patterns in your own home in an easy way.

The best program to print this kind of PDF file is the Adobe Reader, because it splits the sheets by itself and does not deform the images in this process, so we highly recommend that you print using this program, and be sure it’s in it the latest version. The program is free, and if you already don’t have in your computer, its easy to find it and download it online. (

For the example, in this tutorial, we are going to use the Women’s Cropped T-shirt Pattern.

Once you open the PDF file using the Adobe Reader, you must click on the print icon on the top on the left corner of the screen.

After you’ve clicked, it will pop up the print specifications on your screen. Then you should click the “Poster” button to automatically change the printing from a single reduced size A4 to split the image across multiple sheets of A4s.

After you’ve clicked on “Poster”, the printing information’s shows bellow are going to change. We highly recommend the you click in the “cut marks” box, for the program automatically apply marks in the sheets to facilitate your assembling.

With this box marked, no matter what printer or sheet you are using, the pattern parts will fit together correctly after printing. Also make sure to confer that all in the information are equal, especially the “Tittle Scale” on 100%. Then, just click to print that the printer will do all the work.

First thing you should do when you print your pattern is to make sure it proportions are right measuring the test squares. If all the sides are matching, your pattern is ready to be assembled.

Try to place the sheets following the numbering for ensure that the complete pattern is printed and to know which parts fit which.

In case you have selected the “Cut marks” option, all the sheets will have those little marks on the corners, and we will use it to assemble the patterns. 

Connect the lines using a ruler to mark the lines of which part of the sheet you will have to cut for the assembling.

Cut the lines that you’ve marked to overlap and to bring together the sheets.

Glue the sheets together respecting the markings of the traced lines.

In this zoom, it is shown how the points of the two sheets have to fit together correctly, completing the cross, so that the pattern looks good.

Continue cutting and pasting the sheets, first forming the lines and columns of the sewing pattern, respecting the snapping points.

Finally, your pattern will be complete, ready to be cut and sewn.

You will be able to carry out this process and easily print in your own home all the Uppattern patterns on our website, all containing the test square and the numbering for fitting.

If you find this method time-consuming, all templates can also be printed at any printer shop on larger sheets.

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